Dear Friends of Pediatric Associates,

We know you are concerned about COVID-19 and want you to rest assured we have gone to great lengths to provide the best care in the safest environment.

As always, we take infection control seriously and follow all the CDC, ADA, and OSHA Guidelines. Since COVID-19, we have gone above and beyond standard requirements. Here are important safety precautions we are taking.

  • We follow social distancing practices throughout our office.
  • Your personal information will remain private following HIPAA standards.


  • We have strict infection control guidelines set by OSHA & the CDC that we follow.
  • EPA approved disinfectants and cleaners that kill COVID, FLU, H1N1.
  • Clinical surfaces are either barrier protected or disinfected with a hospital-grade disinfectant and changed with every patient.
  • Providing resources for patients to perform hand hygiene as they come into our office and before they leave.
  • Asking our patients to wear a mask or face cover when they come into our office.
  • We are spacing out appointments to allow for fewer people in the office at one time.


  • Patients are screened before their visit to our office. We ask them to stay home if they are symptomatic or with sick family members.
  • Providing resources for patients to perform hand hygiene in or near waiting areas and throughout the office and asking them to wear a mask in the office.

STAFF PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

  • Our staff will be wearing PPE that is at the standard of Health Care Providers that are treating COVID-19 patients. (Gowns, Face Shields or Eye Glasses with side shields, Masks, gloves)


  • We use hospital-grade disinfection sprays and wipes that sterilize our rooms before and after each patient visit.
  • Routine maintenance for sterilization equipment is performed according to manufacturer instructions and is documented by written maintenance records.
  • For Instrument sterilization, we follow policies and procedures to ensure they are cleaned and reprocessed appropriately.

Your safety is always a top priority for the doctors and staff at Pediatric Associates. We care for you the same way we care for our own family!